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Lean, Healthy Meals From America's Celebrity Kitchens
Francia Ruppen

These delightful recipes and many more can be found in The Hollywood Vegetarian Cookbook.

Imagine a dinner party featuring these dishes!

Dyan Cannon - Broccoli-Farfel Stuffing
Phoebe Cates - Saffron Rissoto With Wild Mushroom and Arugula
Tippi Hedren - Spinach Dip
James Earl Jones - Fettucini Alfredo
Rue McClanahan - Sweet and Sour Peppers
Brooke Shields - Vegetable Health Soup
Elizabeth Taylor - Low-Cal Vinaigrette

Americans are looking for ways to eat better and healthier. Vegetarian dishes offer the best ways to reduce the animal fats in your diet as well as the chemicals, preservatives, additives, and antibiotics found all too often in meat and processed foods. Eating vegetarian meals is an excellent way to increase your intake of good nutrients, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It's a healthy, natural, and earth-friendly way to dine.

Whether you eat vegetarian meals for dietary or spiritual reasons, The Hollywood Vegetarian Cookbook provides a fun and informative way to spice up your collection of recipes with those of your favorite television personalities and movie stars.

Where appropriate, the author provides revised versions of some recipes in Part Two and includes suggestions on ways to cut fat and increase the nutritional value of each meal. Combining health-conscious information with photos and recipes of popular celebrities, The Hollywood Vegetarian Cookbook is a perfect addition to anyone's cookbook collection.

Francia Ruppen - Lives in Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience at Bryn Mawr University. A portion of her royalties will be donated to OXFAM.

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