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I Did It! So Can You! Essential Web Site Building Resources
This page was created and posted completely free using none but the resources listed below.
Really easy, really free.

Essential Web Site Building Resources

Free membership includes HomePage hosting and 5 MB storage. Very easy to get started with and my personal favorite to date. Why? Very responsive support system, engaging environment, unlimited changes to your pages, plus lots of educational and interactive areas, and no pressure to upgrade to paid membership status (although it bears looking into).

Geocities A major "web presence" provider on the internet. In exchange for a link back to Geocities, they offer:
  • 2mb free web space
  • Online File Manager
  • Free Email
  • Free counter for your web pages.
  • Cutsie community addresses

Advanced Web Topics: Nuthin' but Links
Counters, guestbooks, statistics, HTML tools, design issues, lots of tutorials, tips and techniques.

WebTv ftp Utility
Copy files via ftp using the WebTv browser. Online utility allows transfer of graphic and text files from anywhere on the web to your personal home page directory (e.g., with Tripod, Geocities, etc.). Other useful WebTv-related links.

Patti's Place
Lots of buttons, lines, dots, plus links to other sites.

Great up-to-date sites, lots of freebies, very diverse, some intrigue.

For Free ClipArt, Images, etc. on the Web, try:

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