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Keely and Bryan

Our Virtual Wedding!
The site grows as* the events unfold.

(*... well, within reason.)

This is our Online Wedding Planner. We know all about the "best laid plans ...", but we are determined that we are going to enjoy our wedding, come what may! So sit back, relax and enjoy our virtual wedding along with us!


13 June 1998
7:30 PM
St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church
Father Benson, Officiant
Roman Service

An intimate candlelight ceremony. Black and white semi-formal attire with cranberry and hunter decorative flourishes. By Invitation.


Antebellum House
9:00 - 12:00 PM

A pink champagne dinner and dance reception with continuous food and beverage service throughout the evening. Entertainment by DJ Alternative.

Bridal Party

Bride:                   Keely
Groom:                Bryan
Matron of Honor: Angel
Best Man:            Mark
Bridesmaids:        Tracy, Laura
Jr Bridesmaid:     Britain
Groomsmen:        Adam, Ronald
Jr Groomsman:    Joshua
Flower Girl:          Madison
Ring Bearer:         Matthew
Readers:              Kathleen, Joshua

Our Unique Wedding Experience!

Every wedding is unique. It is, after all, the specific expression of those elements included in the "Wedding Experience" using color, texture, style, flowers, religious, thematic and other symbolic and decorative components.

This is our unique wedding experience. As events unfold, photo links will be activated.

  • Reception
      Balloon Drop
      Best Man's Toast
      Bouquet Toss
      Victorian Cake Pull
      Bride's Cake Cutting
      Groom's Cake Cutting
      Father/Daughter Dance
      Mother/Son Dance
      Attendants' Dance

This is our Online Wedding Planner.


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  • Book Reception Hall
  • Pre-Nuptial Counseling
  • Couples Encounter Weekend
  • Order Invitations
  • Text of Liturgy
  • Wedding Rings
  • Gift Registry
  • Mail Invitations
  • Final Fittings
  • Wedding License
  • Limo
  • Enjoy!


We're going to Waikiki Beach!. Here's a Map of Waikiki; it is located on the island of Oahu in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
14 June through 24 June 1998

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