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Search Engines





This is a terrific resource, complete with reverse directory. Lookup by street name, phone number, last name, first name. Very flexible.

Flip's Search Resources


A handy page of popular and lesser known search engines.

Internet Meta Search
An integrated page of search engines. Very cool, very handy.


The Weather Channel
All the weather for wherever.

Some of Draac's Free GIFs are now back online! Try these:

Schwab Online

Savings of America

Stockmaster Quotes

The Dove Is Up!
A kinder, gentler site for the next millennium.

DROO's Start
My SO's homepage.

The Hollywood Vegetarian Cookbook
Want to look like a Star? Eat like one! Try the stars own recipes.


Your Eclectic Web Connector

Web Site Building
The essentials -- a virtual web start-up kit. A plethora of Tools & Goodies.

When you really need help, go to the source.

Vege HQ
The best vegetarian and eco-aware sites.

The Left Hand Knows

Wedding Central
Charming HomePage. Lots of links for weddings and for Hawaii.

Literary Links by Lamiel
Artsy & fun plus references & resources.

This is your brain on the Internet.

Brain Teasers
Tease your brain on the Internet.

Alternative Medicine HomePage
Online gaming. Play for fun or play for money!

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