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Vegetarian & Other Healthy
Resources for Millennium 3

The third millennium heralds the Dawn of Vegetarian Enlightenment. At present it is estimated that between 12 - 15% of the American population is vegetarian, and it has been variously predicted that by the 2010s, this number will have increased to about 25% of the population, with the fastest growing groups being pre-teens, teenagers and those who are being called occasional vegetarians This latter group haven't given up meat-eating altogether, but now do so only on an occasional basis, for example, perhaps once or twice a week.

So if you're feeling like doing a little trumpeting of your own, wanting to get a bit more fit, check out the following sites to help you get started.


Informative and well-written collection of vegetarian recipes and low-fat tips from over sixty celebrities such as Tim Allen, Liz Taylor, Brooke Shields, Amy Grant, k.d. lang and James Earl Jones. Surprisingly hard to put down!

The High Cost of a Meat-Based Diet
A sobering litany excerpted from Diet for a New America by Pulitzer Prize nominee John Robbins, of Baskin-Robbins. If nothing else convinces you, this may do it!

Is Vegetarianism a Real Alternative?
Here's one empassioned account.

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Super Sites

Vege Mega Index
Very comprehensive master resource list for vegetarians and vegans.

EOW Health:Vegetarianism
The Environment Organization WebDirectory offers a vast index of resources. Extensive vegetarian, nutritional, animal rights links, connections to other environmental and "green" issues.

Mimi's CyberKitchen
Loads of recipes, tips, techniques and lots of links to other friendly sites.

Vegetarian Links from Tower House
Interesting site and good links.

Vegetarian Links by MC2
An extensive collection including links on starting your own vegetarian business.

Aeonic Systems Vegetarian Links
Some good links here, but the best one is to the FATFREE database!

Vegetarian FAQs from Usenet
A representative sampling of FAQs, including definitions of commonly used (and misused) vegetarian terminology.

The Recipes Folder!
Literally hundreds of recipes in scores of categories and cuisines. And a dessert section that will not disappoint even the most erudite palate.

The Vegetarian Resource
A terrific site with veggie info out the wazoo!

Al's Vegetarian Page
A wealth of information here.

Veggies Unite!


A real destination site for vegetarians, animal lovers, and the enviro-conscious.

Jamie Alexander's Home Page
15 year old chronicles the vegetarian conversion experience. Good links too!

Very Vegetarian Sites
Wow! Veggie travel destinations, FAQs, oodles of recipes and guides, techniques -- even a link that promises to make tofu exciting That alone makes it worth a look!

For your health, for the animals, for the planet.

Environmental, Vegetarian and Animal Rights Links

The WEBster: Vegetarian Resources
A real cornucopia here. Vegetarian and vegan recipes, groups, essays, FAQs, plus, plus, plus.

Whole Earth Vegetarian Catalogue
The quintessential catalog for "meatless meat" by Lumen Foods.

Lumen Foods Home Page
Features the "Veggie Net Trivia Quiz", "50 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian", "Pictorial History of Vegetarian Thought", plus lots more.

Choosing and Using a Dietician
Why use a dietician, how to find one, what to ask, whether to go back, etc.

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Updated 6 June 2002
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