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The D O V E is Up!

Old World Transportation
Preserving your father's heritage one vehicle at a time.

Willows on the Lake
Luxury townhomes in a lakeside setting in Houston, Texas? You bet! Available in 2009. Fabulous!

Basic Internet Search Sites

This is a terrific resource, complete with reverse directory. Lookup by street name, phone number, last name, first name. Very flexible.

Find out about people you know, you don't know, you want to know -- or even yourself.

An eclectic search resource.


A handy page of popular and lesser known search engines.

Internet Traffic Report
Internet too slow? Find out where the bottlenecks are.

World Clock
Find out what the time is anywhere in the world.

Patent Search
Have an idea for an invention? Check here to see if someone has already done it.

The Weather Channel
All the weather for wherever -- as long as you're mostly interested in the US.

Time Zone Converter
Convert time from Grenwich Mean Time to any other time zone. Grenwich Mean Time is the Prime Meridian that passes through a London borough.

Day of the Week Calculator
Calculate the day of the week for any given date.

Global Weather Site
All the weather for wherever in the world.

Schwab Online

Savings of America

Stockmaster Quotes

Meet Savannah!

The Dawn of Vegetarian

The Hollywood Vegetarian Cookbook
Want to look like a Star? Eat like one! Try the stars own luscious recipes. Save time and money! Order this book online at Amazon today.

Pumpkin Cheesecake - Mmmmm!

Lemon-Lime Creamcheese Pie Yummy!!

Spicy Shepherd's Pie - Simply Fabulous

Vege HQ
The best vegetarian and eco-aware sites.

Do-It-Yourself with free advice from the Repair Guru.

Web Site Building
The essentials -- a virtual web start-up kit. A plethora of Tools & Goodies.

Webster Dictionary Gateway
A good one among many.

This one offers a bit of latitude. Ideal for lazy spellers.

Roget's Thesaurus
The essential reference.

One Look
A multitude of dictionaries.

Law Dictionary
A dictionary of legal terms.

Universal Currency Converter
Need to know quickly how many pesos to the dollar or euros to the pound? Here's your site.

The Foot Rule
Tired of trying to remember how many metres in a mile or how many teaspoon in a cup? No worries, Mate. Whatever you're trying to suss out -- acceleration, angle, area, density, mileage/fuel usage, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, length, volume, weight -- it's all here.

When you really need help, go to the source.

The Left Hand Knows

Online Language Translator.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Calculate monthly mortgage principal and interest payments -- and more.

This is your brain on the Internet.

Brain Teasers
Tease your brain on the Internet.

Alternative Medicine HomePage

Wedding Central
Charming site for wedding info and links to Hawaii.

Texas Lottery Results
Online gaming. Play for fun or play for money!