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Meme Central
Brodie's take on memetics, the new science of the meme. Memes are the invisible DNA of human society, controlling all aspects of mind and culture. Do you know what your memes are doing?
Truly out of this world. The research at the Block Institute for Astrobiological Studies (BIAS) focusses on the neurologic basis of astrology, yoga, qi, psychology and astrobiology. Are you magnetically attracted?

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Since 26 August 1997

Quintessential Neuroscience

The amount of information and the number of neuroscience resources on the internet is exploding. Sites listed here link to the best lists and most reliable sources of neuroscience information on the web. You'll also find lots of tips on developing effective search strategies.


Fun Stuff

It's not all journals in small print. Here's some stuff that's fun.

  • EMS Humor by Jerry Funny, tasteless, sick, twisted -- you'll find it here.

  • WWW FunStuff Hey -- this one's actually called Fun Stuff! Must be the right page.
  • Esoteric References

    Okay, this is the small print stuff. So-o-o-o esoteric, there're none!

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